Sales focused marketing for small and medium businesses

Who are we?

Marketing for small and medium enterprises when

  • You need professional marketing support.
  • You expect marketing to actually support sales.
  • You want to see genuine financial results.
  • You are tired of throwing money at the marketing black hole.

myMarketing provides marketing support for SMEs

  • myMarketing is a team of marketing consultants with several years of experience. We provide various marketing services for small and medium enterprises.
  • We analyze, plan and implement marketing campaigns optimal for a given enterprise. We concentrate on generating sales opportunities and building a client base. We work independently or cooperate with the client’s marketing team to accommodate the existing resources.
  • We work in different models: leading all the marketing activities related to the product/project, increasing the human resources as the outsourced employees, taking responsibility for generating business contacts for the specified products.
  • We charge for tangible goals.

Is myMarketing for you?

You are an SME owner, chairman or executive?

  • Your marketing team requires strategic support along with best practices.
  • You want to discuss the operations already in progress.
  • You want to redefine inefficient activities.
  • You need a one-time campaign for a new product/project/service.
  • You want to hire a professional marketing expert, but you just cannot find the right one.
  • Your needs are flexible and time-sensitive: you want one partner to carry out the marketing tasks instead of full-time employees.
  • You do not have a marketing team, but you are looking for a permanent partnership, an on-demand support service and external marketing assistance in your sales projects.

myMarketing is the perfect solution for small and medium enterprises.

Do you have your own business or a microenterprise?

  • You have a business and offer a good product/service, but due to poor advertising your sales results are not good enough?
  • You have just started your business and you do not know how to find a partner to create your website, leaflets or an online campaign?
  • You need some support in creating a marketing campaign, setting a budget and choosing the right tools.
  • You want to discuss the operations that are in progress or redefine inefficient activities. myMarketing is the perfect solution for microenterprises.

myMarketing is the perfect solution for microenterprises.

Why myMarketing?

The benefits.


Marketing that focuses on sales

Access to the managerial know-how of experts with several years of experience

 New marketing resorces with no permanent hires or long-term contracts

Partnering with one company instead of a couple of agencies

Full control over the costs and results


An objective consultant to help with finding contractors, assessing the results and suggesting changes

A professional marketing plan to promote your business

Access to the managerial expertise and the experience of working with numerous entities

Cooperating with myMarketing You gain

  • focusing on the activities that support sales,
  • comprehensive consulting,
  • objective analyses and effective suggestions: we do not specialize in just one tool or service, we objectively advise and create comprehensive action plans selecting the suppliers that offer optimal prices and the best quality. myMarketing is a safer and more efficient choice than permanent hires!

Cooperating with myMarketing You avoid 

  • no ill-advised or inefficient marketing decisions,
  • no long-term contracts and lengthy recruitment processes,
  • working with an experienced team supported by high-level professionals.

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